DEM illustration: Caricatures

Dale Edwin Murray (DEM) is a successful illustrator and graphic artist with an impressive client list bragging like likes of Google, The Sunday Times, Orange, Virgin, BBC, WIRED Magazine and Ted Baker among many, many others.

His work that caught my eye recently, however was DEM’s caricatures of Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Prince William and Kate Middleton for The Sunday Times online and iPad edition.

The uncanny images humorously capture the unique characteristics of, in the artist’s own words, “the sartorial king that is Mr Boris Johnson” and “the ever popular David Cameron”. What do you think?

I’ve also had a look at some of DEM’s other illustrative work on his blog and came across this interesting image for WIRED magazine which had a great story behind it.

It’s about 15 year-old schoolboy, Jack Andraka who invented a pancreatic cancer sensor that is 100 times more sensitive than current diagnostic tests. What’s more, it only costs 30p compared to its £500 equivalent!

If you’d like to see more of DEM’s work have a look at his website and blog: and


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