The Sonik Seeds Live @ Empire, Leeds


I walk downstairs in Empire to see, admittedly not the greatest turnout ever. Yet this is soon made up for as the four well-dressed mods that make up The Sonik Seeds saunter out on stage, glasses of wine in hand, and with a shriek (literally) launch into the electrifying tune that is ‘English Rose’. It is a song with an unmistakable ’60s influence and the rest of the set follows on in the same style.


Each number lasts an average of around two minutes and there’s barely time to breathe as one song rolls into another. The second track, ‘Hello Devil’ can quickly be established as a favourite as its catchy chorus and fast-paced rhythm teases the audience to get involved and a few even dare to have a bit of a dance despite the self-conscious nature of feeling exposed amidst the humble crowd.


The Sonik Seeds have great chemistry on stage and it is clear that the lads are good mates outside of the band. They provide a light-hearted atmosphere, joking amongst themselves which makes them compelling to watch as well as to listen to.


This is seen most with their new single ‘Another One’ as the band are clearly psyched about playing it live for the first time after its online release earlier this week.


Even with their blasé approach the set is very tight-knit with the last song ‘Don’t Cry’ showcasing Josh Boydell’s skills as a lead guitarist as he nimbly bashes through the riffs closing the gig with a bang.

Listen to The Sonik Seeds here


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