I think it’s safe to say I’m not great at regular blogging. But I haven’t just been sitting on my arse watching repeats of Jeremy Kyle and Facebook/Twitter stalking friends and strangers (the whole time, anyway).

I’ve got a part-time job as a wine waitress, which is a joke in itself really since I am probably the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet and don’t know the first thing about wine. Other than that I like to drink lots of it. It’s not bad though, going into different hotels and venues around Manchester and pouring wine and fetching drinks, watching rich people getting very merry for their christmas parties and occasionally getting generous tips which make it all worthwhile. Sometimes there’s even the odd “celebrity” at these parties too. Not that I can recognise half of them, mind; various casts from soap operas (hardly been to one where someone from Corrie wasn’t there), reality TV shows such as TOWIE, Made In Chelsea and other “famous” people like that. So sometimes it can be fun. Although it is hard work too. I worked one event at Manchester’s GMEX, a converted train station and ended up with tables right at the back of the venue when the bar was at the opposite side. So was effectively running back and forth down the length of a platform all night. Could have done with a travelator, or rollerblades at the very least. It’s no wonder my mum is so concerned about my recent loss of weight (‘oooo you look so thin!’ in the way only mothers can say it). I now do not believe anyone who has said its ‘impossible’ to lose weight. Become a waitress and you don’t even have to try.

Any way, I am now back at home and am working my way through the contents of my parent’s fully-stocked fridge – it is the most beautiful sight after months of a tiny block of cheese, some wrinkly peppers and a tupperware box of leftovers which has become difficult to identify. I fully intend to pile on the recent waitress-lost weight with christmas trimmings, leftover cold turkey and tonnes of chocolate and cake.

Also the very big Yuletide news is that I will be spending New Year’s in the one and only Las Vegas! Am going for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday and we’re staying in The Venetian and bringing in the new year partying on the strip with thousands of others dressed in hats, masks and god knows what else. I could not be more excited, have been looking forward to and saving up for this for months. On that note I will leave it, and tell you all about it in the next post when I am back!

Merry Christmas!