DEM illustration: Caricatures

Dale Edwin Murray (DEM) is a successful illustrator and graphic artist with an impressive client list bragging like likes of Google, The Sunday Times, Orange, Virgin, BBC, WIRED Magazine and Ted Baker among many, many others. His work that caught … Continue reading

Blue trees against deforestation

An art action group called The Blue Trees, campaigning against deforestation, is a group that travels around the world raising awareness about the cause by painting local trees blue. Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos is the founder of Blue Trees and … Continue reading

Your favourite film moments in lego

Seventeen year old BRIT school student, Harry Bossert, has used the findings from a survey asking “what is your favourite film moment?” and recreated the famous scenes, in lego. He has comprised a short movie out of clips from ten films and the result is a funny, artistic and surprisingly accurate montage of classics such as Titanic, E.T., Singing in the Rain and Indiana Jones. Bossert has been producing films like this one since 2007 and has become popular online.

Watch here:

See more of Harry Bossert’s work at “Bringing Bricks to Life”

The obliteration room: when children are given stickers.

Colossal art and design blog by Christopher Jobson is a brilliant website showcasing new and amazing art from around the world. His aim is to provide the viewers with “visual goodness” in the fields of photography, design, animation, painting, installation art, … Continue reading