So I’ve been running around my university campus this week dressed as a boob. This was not, as most people thought, “a dare”, but was part of a campaign called CoppaFeel! which is a breast cancer awareness charity that aims to educate young people on the importance of checking their boobs and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Their mission is to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer by ensuring young people get to know what their breasts feel like normally so they can recognise when anything changes. They aim to give young people the confidence to seek medical advice when they may need it most.

CoppaFeel! is now a huge campaign, gaining a lot of media interest as a result of celebrity patrons such as Fearne Cotton and Dermot O’Leary. Of course it is also down to the fact that they use fairly attention-grabbing methods of raising awareness for the cause – see the photos.

The story behind the rise of this charity is extremely inspirational and touching. Co-founder Kris Hallenga was just twenty -three when she was misdiagnosed by doctors twice on the basis that she was “too young” to have breast cancer and that the lumps she found were a result of hormones. Eight months later, after demanding a referral to specialists, she discovered that she did have breast cancer and that, as a result of being diagnosed late, it had spread to her spine. Amidst radiotherapy and chemotherapy Kris decided to start the campaign of CoppaFeel! because she didn’t want other people to go through what she had experienced.

It is Kris’ full-time mission to encourage her friends, her generation and young people everywhere to keep a hold of their wonderful, care-free lives by getting to know their boobs and appreciating the harsh reality that young people at any age (including men!) can get breast cancer.

Fresher’s Week 2012 has already started across many university campuses and the CoppaFeel! Uni Boob Teams have been out and about spreading the message far and wide. Throughout the year the Boob Teams will be running various events such as nights out, cake sales, flash mobs and a massive matches of dodgeball – but playing with boobs instead!

Get involved with the cause for yourselves, it’s fun, different and essential in the fight against breast cancer.

In the words of CoppaFeel! “we have to be clever, we have to be different, we have to be cheeky. And we are.”

Find out more information at and @coppafeelpeople


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