Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph is a website where people submit a photograph of an old photo, in front of the place it was taken originally. Sounds confusing, but it’s actually a really nice, nostalgic look at the past from a present perspective.

It all began when creator, Taylor Jones was with his family when an old photo album was pulled out. Within this album there was a shot of Jones’ brother at his third birthday party. Jones reflects, “He was sitting in front of his Winnie-the-Pooh birthday cake… It was weird – because my brother was there, in the exact spot he was sitting in in the photograph.” So he immediately grabbed his camera and lined up the old photo with its original location. And Dear Photograph began.

Now, every day people submit their own photograph in the same manner and one is chosen from many entries. Each photo comes with a story behind it and can often be sentimental, sad, heart-warming, regretful or thankful. They are usually chosen on the basis of what is happening around the world at the moment, and how relevant the story behind the photo is.

Here are a few recent entries:

Dear Photograph,

Once upon a time it was just about a Father and his son who took a little trip to see the Statue of Liberty, when peace reigned and all was good with the world. 


Dear Photograph,

If wealth were measured in happy memories, then I would be the richest girl alive.

Rest in peace Gpa, Love, Laura

Dear Photograph,

My Mom would always bundle me up because she was nervous I would catch a cold. Now she’s nervous about letting me go to live on my own away from her at college. 


Dear Photograph,

There she is, a young bride, filled with hopes and dreams, and the anticipation of basking for a lifetime in the glow of her groom’s loving eyes, as he watches her toss her bouquet. 50 years ago today, the petals of their love are in full bloom with all of their hopes and dreams happily fulfilled…. a promise for us all that true love does exist. 

Happiest Golden Anniversary wishes to my Mom and Dad.

Love, Billee

Dear Photograph,

My brothers, before life became complicated…


Check out the website for a full archive, no doubt it’ll keep you busy for hours:

The Dear Photograph book is also for sale now.


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