Toy Story

"You. Are. A. TOY!"

Switched on the TV to see Toy Story showing on channel 5. Can’t believe how old it looks; the graphics, the animation, the general story and the vague memory of watching it when I was four years old. That’s right, it came out in 1995! Mad to think that the latest instalment was only released last year.

Fifteen years later, however, it is still brilliant. And actually hilarious; witty, clever, ironic and, at the time, completely revolutionary. It was Disney Pixar’s first full-length feature film and has since paved the way for other great animated children’s films such as Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s Life, Cars and Up. Yet these aren’t just kid’s films. I clearly remember my dad laughing with tears in his eyes at some parts of Toy Story and when the third film came out last year the cinema was filled with just as many adults as children, if not more to be honest. There seems to be a universal appeal with Pixar creations; they’re funny, interesting and heart-warming movies that it seems no-one can resist, no matter what age they are.

I’m sure the wonderful people at Pixar have plenty more outstanding ideas up their sleeves but, for me, the original Toy Story will always be my favourite. The way I see it, it’s a classic that will live on for many generations.


Sorting my life out…

…because it is apparently impossible to do this without the internet. I have now been living in my new flat for a month and have only just been connected to the internet. This has made pretty much everything in life more difficult; online banking, paying rent, checking my timetable, finding out what work I have to do and generally communicating with anyone. It seems nothing can be done offline anymore. Having grown up in a household where my Dad can’t live without having the latest gadget or best (and most complicated) TV and sound system I ¬†feel like I have regressed and seem to reject most forms of technology, mainly because they always seem to malfunction around me. I can’t even use the self-checkout machines in Sainsbury’s. So, true to form, it has taken me this long to finally get the internet sorted out, thus the blogging, among a million other things, has taken a back seat.

As a result (and because my memory does not go back that far) I’ve given up on the summer travel blogging. So here follows a series of more disconnected ramblings, hopefully I’ll be able to write more often from now on.