Second Coming: Stone Roses at Heaton Park

“Here we are, here it is, here we go.” – Ian Brown, 29/06/2012, Heaton Park

After a weekend of rain, toilet queues, beer queues, dancing, jumping and fireworks, The Stone Roses have finally completed their homecoming weekend extravaganza at Heaton Park in Manchester.

Nobody thought it possible a few months back and after rumours of band bust-ups and disappointment on the European leg of the comeback tour, there were a few apprehensions surrounding the much-anticipated homecoming gigs in Manchester.

However, the reviews are unanimous, the Roses were on epic form and the crowd rewarded them for it. I was there for the opening night on Friday 29th June and the atmosphere was incredible. Despite the dismal weather the crowd’s mood was not dampened as 75,000 elated fans screeched and jumped along to an anthem-packed setlist.

Highlights were undoubtedly ‘This Is The One’ and the final song, ‘I Am The Resurrection’, which was played to its full length and had the crowd warbling along the entire time. It was the song that finished off the phenomenal show with a bang, literally, as fireworks blasted out from the top of the stage.

Friday did not seem like a reunion or a comeback gig, the band wasn’t tired, the tunes weren’t outdated and the Roses performed with the same amount of energy and ease as if it were still their glory days. And with the same amount of swagger as ever Ian Brown summed up the night, declaring it “not bad for a bunch of old c***s”. Indeed.


I Wanna Be Adored, Mersey Paradise, Sugar Spun Sister, Sally Cinnamon, Where Angels Play, Shoot You Down, Bye Bye Badman, Ten Storey Love Song, Standing Here, Fool’s Gold, Something’s Burning, Waterfall, Don’t Stop, Love Spreads, Made Of Stone, This Is The One, She Bangs The Drum, Elizabeth My Dear, I Am The Resurrection.


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