Jollyboat: Musical comedy

Jollyboat are a musical comedy duo who have exploded onto the scene with their witty re-workings of popular songs. Brothers Tommy and Ed, described as “comedy rockstars”, have already been highly commended, gaining 5-star reviews at Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 and 2012. They have also won several awards and comedy competitions including the 2011 Musical Comedy Award in London, the Laughterhouse New Act of the Year and The Best of Rawhide Raw.

Their song topics stop at nothing, covering everything from the X-factor to the Bible to Pirates. With an exhilarating stage presence  and (albeit low-budget) costumes and props, they get their audience unwittingly involved in the madness as they can’t help but laugh and sing along.

Check out their hilarious, ingenious ‘Pirates’ video, featuring the eclectic mix of song renditions by Queen, Bob Marley, Abba, Joy Division, Peggy Lee, The Kinks, and Katy Perry. Hat and balloon-sword included.

Sharks, sharks will tear us apart, again.

Jollyboat have exciting plans for the future, including more videos, collaborations, live gigs and, “unless the world ends”, a definite promise to return to Edinburgh Fringe with a better show than ever.

For more information, including where you can see them live, visit and follow them on Twitter @JollyboatBros

Photo by Mike Brits Photography


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