Children review Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’

Children probably make the best reviewers; they are brutally honest, have no fear of offending anyone, no sense of embarrassment and perceive things in ways which never occur to adults.

So when YouTube music channel Noisey asks a group of adorable British children to review Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’, you know you’re going to get an original comment or two. For example, “why is he singing about a pig?”, ‘”I think people just pretend to like it to make them cool, but I don’t think they like it at all.” and, unfortunately, “I think N-Dubz is better than Radiohead”. Do not despair, however, one kid (white suit, awesome hair) does offer to pay £1000 for a Radiohead album and then proceeds to air guitar to the music.

Comments on Thom Yorke include “I think this singer in this band only eats vegetables” and “I think he has no friends and only a pet”.

Take a look for yourself, could you offer such inventive and honest opinions?


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