Trash People

German conceptual artist, Ha Schult, uses recycled cans and metal to create armies of ‘Trash People’ and displays them in various public and iconic places.

Since 1996 Schult has installed the one thousand ‘Trash People’ all over the world in Moscow, China, Giza, Rome, New York, Barcelona, Brussels and even Antarctica. His aim is to establish a critical commentary on human consumption and waste.

“In twenty containers they roam around the world like refugees of the consumer society. The Trash People are images of ourselves. We produce trash and we will become trash. Today’s Coca-Cola bottle is the Roman archeological found of tomorrow.

The pyramids of the present are the garbage dumps. On them the consumer society lets grow the blossoms to flowers of civilization. The children of Coca-Cola and Vietnam, of Red Bull and Beirut skip 6000 years of history.

The poor collect the trash of the rich, the more poor men collect the trash of the poor. And the most poor men dig a hole in the Sahara for warming up with the hungry fire of the garbage. Over all is the black sound cloud of barking hell dogs. At the end it will be covered by sand and a year later a gulf hotel will be constructed there.”

-HA Schult, 1999

Visit Ha Schult’s website for more art and information:

Quote and photographs displayed here are also from this website.


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