Top five ways to procrastinate

While procrastination is not usually something to be celebrated, it is kind of a guilty pleasure that has been embraced by nearly everyone at some point.

The Guardian’s readers recommend playlist for this week is ‘songs about procrastination’. Ironically (or perhaps this is the effect) this has given me one more thing to busy myself with which isn’t university assignments, essays, reading and anything else important/worthwhile that I probably should be doing.

Have a look at the collaborative Spotify playlist here. Songs include, among many other obscurities, ‘left to my own devices’ by Pet Shop Boys, ‘should I stay or should I go’ by The Clash and ‘wasted time’ by Kings of Leon.

Also, here are my top five time-wasting procrastinating tips, just in case you’re not good at it already:

1) Food. While on a “break” from whatever you should be doing, create a lavish lunch. Spend hours preparing, cooking and stirring up your favourite meal. Then minutes eating it.

2) Lists. Everybody does this; when you have a million things to do, and barely any time to do them in, the best way to “start” is spend a good proportion of your precious time creating colourful and instructive lists and mind-maps to help you organise yourself. Then spend another half hour or so staring blankly at your creations, feeling like you’ve achieved something, and go make a cuppa.

3) Tidy. Most students will know, the only time their rooms are ever clean and tidy is around exam time. Because, of course, you simply cannot focus with all that mess and clutter around…

4) Internet. Or to narrow it down further, Facebook. Social networking can pass hours of time. This involves flicking through and passing judgement on photos of people you barely know, catching up with people and small-talking like your life depends upon it, and scrutinising your news feed just desperately willing something exciting and scandalous to happen.

5) Blogging. This post probably wouldn’t be published if I wasn’t supposed to be doing something else.


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