Website: A Negative Narrative

A Negative Narrative is a website which has created a new way of interviewing artists and bands.

Instead of just the usual question and answer format that can be read in almost any music magazine, the creators of A Negative Narrative decided photo-interviews would be a unique and interesting new way of finding out about the people behind the music.

A picture can often be more telling than a direct answer and is open to interpretation. It also provides a way of fans seeing a small part of a musician’s world.

A Negative Narrative takes a band or artist and asks them questions, but they can only answer in photographs. For instance, when they asked Scroobius Pip “what does your music look like?” he replied:

Other questions they ask include, “what confuses you the most?”, “what is in your pockets?” and “define bad taste”. As expected the answers range from the straightforward and simple to funny, abstract and downright strange photos; this is the beauty of this innovative site.

A Negative Narrative also provides a bio about each band/artist and sometimes offers a free download of their music. A blog section showcases reviews, previews and other photo-related projects and posts.

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3 thoughts on “Website: A Negative Narrative

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  2. Good afternoon from space! sunny today, originally joined this article as I have an contagious obsession with the Chawners – I lay awake at twilight and worry about them, how are they adding on now, love universe TV, adore AbFab Gimme Gimme Gimme, and Graham Norton, wheres Julian Clary these days??

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