Laura Marling live

My sister bought me tickets for my birthday to see Laura Marling in Leeds last night. This is a bit of a feat considering she normally sells out really fast; I have tried to get tickets to see her many times and failed.

Laura Marling is one of my favourite artists – she’s immensely talented, unique, smart and cool. And she was even better live. Despite filling out the O2 Academy you could have heard a pin drop throughout her entire set. Her voice was stunning and she was complimented by an incredibly talented band.

I can’t really explain more without showing you. Here’s a video of her live from Abbey Road last year:


I Was Just a Card

The Muse

Don’t Ask Me Why


Blackberry Stone


Alas I Cannot Swim

Pray For Me

My Winding Wheel (Ryan Adams cover)

Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)

What He Wrote

Alpha Shallows

My Friends


Rambling Man

I Speak Because I Can


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