Gingers stick together

Celebrity redheads have decided to back Oxford charity, the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS). Celebrities include Chris Evans, Nicole Kidman, Tim Minchin, Jane Asher and Nicola Roberts. Oxford band Radiohead also support the charity.

The celebrities have all donated items  such as fashion, memorabilia and handwritten lyrics to be auctioned off in the Jungle ViP auction which opens online today.

Sumatran Organgutans are extremely endangered and habitat loss and poaching are pushing them towards extinction.

Tim Minchin said, “I think it’s a huge pity that any species should become extinct” and has donated a T-shirt he wore for his Ready For This world tour.

Jane Asher, actress and cake maker said,  “I didn’t feel especially close to them before being asked to help with this campaign, but all redheads share an unspoken bond.”

Orangutans share 96.4% of human DNA. Chris Evans has donated an overnight stay for two at his pub The Mulberry Inn, in Chiddingfold, Godalming

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