Sunday Secrets

A lot of people have already heard of Post Secret by now, but if you haven’t, this is for you. Frank Warren, the founder of Post Secret, started a community art project in 2005 where people sent him their secrets anonomously on a home-made post card. It sounds strange, but since taking off Frank has received millions of secrets from people from all around the world.

The content of the secrets range dramatically and can be serious, heartbreaking, shameful, hopeful, uplifting and even funny. They are always artistic, unique and truthful, having an empowering effect on both the sender and the reader.

A community has grown out of this project and the website gets hundreds of millions of viewers, especially on Sundays when Frank puts up a handful of secrets that he has been sent that week (when writing this the visitor count to his site was 513,567,245). Post secret has also teamed up with a suicide prevention charity and he receives countless messages from people saying how his project has helped save their lives. It seems extreme from something that started out as a small blog, but it has had a huge effect on a lot of people.

So have a look for yourself, no doubt you’ll find yourself becoming slightly addicted and a regular visitor on Sunday mornings, like many many others.

You can also buy the Post Secret books online or in any good bookstore.


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