Five people and a guitar

I’ve had Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know in my head for weeks now. This is mainly because XFM, the chosen station on my clock radio, seems to always play it on the morning show, so more often than not it is the song that wakes me up and rattles around my head all day. The official video for this song is pretty good; body paints, intense staring, crippling emotion…. The usual stuff. However, I saw a cover version posted up on Facebook  (yes I am aware of the fact that most of my blog takes its inspiration from Facebook) and I thought it was pretty impressive! Walk Off The Earth are an alternative band, and not just in the genre’s sense, but the fact that the whole band produces beautiful songs and covers all through the use of one guitar. This video, a cover of Gotye’s song has gone viral since uploaded on 5 January. It still has all the intense staring you could ask for but is also really well-filmed, perfectly performed and so completely different from your usual cover that it is definitely something worth watching.


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