’90s kids

This video was posted on a friend’s facebook page the other day, which resulted in huge amounts of reminiscing. And cringing. As a child of the 1990s, ‘Shit 90s kids say’ rang only too true when I saw it, making me realise how ridiculous crazes can get and how strange pop culture is when you look back on it. It also made me literally laugh out loud with some of the stuff that I can actually remember saying and/or doing. For example, “hey, put in that new spice girls cd”, “argh! need to find my tamagotchi before it dies!”, “how many beanie babies do you have?” and “why don’t The Rugrats ever grow old?” (I clearly remember being outraged at the fact that they tried to make a Rugrats: All Grown Up. It just wasn’t right).

Watch this and feel a wave of nostalgia (and embarrassment) wash over you:

It’s so awesome. NOT!


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