Gingerbread Glastonbury

Although there’s no Glastonbury this year (reason not to be cheerful) I have come across something which goes a small way to filling the void. And your stomach. In a blog which combines music and baking, ‘Baking Beats’, shows you how to make your very own gingerbread Glastonbury, because, according to the bloggers “Glastonbury is the sweetest festival, and so…” why not?!

I’m tempted to have a go, although I know there is no way it would even resemble this one in the slightest. Mine would probably look more like Glastonbury the day after the festival. Nevertheless the recipe is on the website and it does look amazing. As the blog says, “show your friends, this will help them become convinced that you’re insane.” So here’s me, showing you. (I’m not insane).

Sweet Sensation.


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