Sorting my life out…

…because it is apparently impossible to do this without the internet. I have now been living in my new flat for a month and have only just been connected to the internet. This has made pretty much everything in life more difficult; online banking, paying rent, checking my timetable, finding out what work I have to do and generally communicating with anyone. It seems nothing can be done offline anymore. Having grown up in a household where my Dad can’t live without having the latest gadget or best (and most complicated) TV and sound system I  feel like I have regressed and seem to reject most forms of technology, mainly because they always seem to malfunction around me. I can’t even use the self-checkout machines in Sainsbury’s. So, true to form, it has taken me this long to finally get the internet sorted out, thus the blogging, among a million other things, has taken a back seat.

As a result (and because my memory does not go back that far) I’ve given up on the summer travel blogging. So here follows a series of more disconnected ramblings, hopefully I’ll be able to write more often from now on.


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