Pre-travel Packing

The lists have been made, the wardrobe has been (extremely) narrowed down and the ridiculous amounts of toiletries etc have been bought. Now it is in a pile on the floor and I have to fit it into a bag. Which is not easy when you’ve just given yourself a minor disability after trapping your finger in a car door. So of course I decide to procrastinate even further by, pretty much one-handedly, writing a blog about it.

I think it’s also time I should actually mention the upcoming trip, which is inter-railing around Europe with a stop at the beach and Benicassim festival on the way. The rough route we have planned out is Dover-Calais-Paris-Bordeaux-Benicassim-Barcelona-Monaco-Garda-Verona-Venice-Budapest-Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam, give or take a few places. Seriously excited about it.

So even though I have only just started this blog, I will not be contributing to it for about a month now. However I plan to create posts on every destination and will be making notes and having (hopefully) interesting, amusing and probably embarrassing experiences while en route which will be posted up here in all their glory when i’m back. Finally, goodbye, au revoir, adiós, auf wiedersehen and the rest…

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Pre-travel Packing

  1. This is exactly what I did, and if you read the post above you will see that I forgot the most important thing I needed as a result. Be organised people it’s the only way! I’ll have a look at your blog as well, thanks for posting it.

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